graaff reinet chamber of commerce - membership options

Application for Membership

  • Applicants for Membership must apply in writing in the manner that the Executive Committee
    prescribes. Application form is found on the membership options. 
  • Any reputable person, firm, company, corporation, authority or association engaged or interested in commerce is eligible as a candidate for Membership. Candidates for membership of the Chamber become Members of the Chamber after election in the manner described in these rules and after payment of the set subscription fee.
  • A properly constituted meeting of the Executive Committee will have the power to elect a member by ballot of a majority of members present at the meeting held subsequent to the receipt of the
  • All firms, companies, corporations, authorities or associations must submit in writing to the Secretary, the name of the nominees who are to act on their behalf at meetings etc. of the Chamber. No organisation will be allowed to have more than 2 nominees of whom only 1 may vote.
  • Nominees must be employees of, or associates of, the nominating institutions, and must be
    approved by the Executive Committee.
  • Written notice of the revocation of power as nominee must be given by an institution to the Secretary of the Chamber along with the name of the proposed succeeding nominee.

Membership Options

  • Corporate Membership - Any reputable firm, company, corporation or authority engaged in commerce and interested in the objects of the Chamber.
  • Micro Membership - Any reputable firm or company engaged in commerce and interested in the objects of the Chamber, with less than five employees and approved by the Executive Committee as a Micro Business.
  • Private Membership - Any reputable person interested in commerce and the objects of the Chamber.
  • Honorary Membership - The Executive Committee may elect to Honorary Membership of the Chamber persons distinguished in public affairs, commerce, education, finance, consular officials or any person that the Executive Committee considers desirable to admit to Honorary membership. Honorary Members are not entitled to vote at meetings.

Register of Members

  • The Executive Committee will keep a register of Members recording the preferred name, postal address, electronic mail address (if provided) and the date of entry to the Chamber of each Member;
  • The register will be available for inspection at all reasonable times by any Member who
    previously applies to the Secretary for inspection.



graaff reinet chamber of commerce - membership options

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